Driving instructor dual controls

Engineered and made in Australia from Precision Laser Cut Steel and CNC machined Stainless steel components, these proven cable operated pedal systems have been refined over 25 years. Effective, reliable and requiring very little maintenance, they are unique in the way that only minimal modifications to your vehicle are required to fit. This is great news if you plan to sell your vehicle in the future. 

AS3954:2019 Compliant Quick Release Locking Mechanism

Be compliant with the new Australian Standard



Over the years we have been asked by clients to develop a quick, easy and convenient way of locking the pedals to prevent their passengers (kids) from activating the pedals inadvertently. 

We sat down with our technicians and engineers and redesigned all of our dual controls. The new improved locking mechanism makes disabling your instructors pedals a breeze

Simply hold down the release button and insert or remove the quick release locking pin and your done. 

Have that added confidence when driving with passengers that your dual control pedals are stowed safely.

We've also taken the time to improve some other features

Including upgrading all the pivots to machined Stainless Steel, heat shielding on the cables and precise CNC machined alloy components.

Fitting requires minimal mods to your car

Our Cable operated systems are a low impact install requiring only minimal mods to your vehicle. Unlike some dual contols such as the cross shafted systems that impact your vehicle quite heavily we can fit a brake only dual control with only 4 small holes.

This makes selling your vehicle much easier when the time comes to remove the dual control. Plus the finished result looks much cleaner.

Instructors Brake Pedal

Our Cable operated Driving Instructors Brake Pedal is a simple yet robust modification which has been refined over the decades. Your entry level modification into the industry

The first and most basic step to setting up your instructors vehicle

Fitting is universal for most vehicles, this modification usually takes roughly half a day depending on your vehicle

Instructors Brake & accelerator Pedal

Our Cable operated Driving Instructors Accelerator Pedal is a proven and robust solution if throttle intervention is required during driving lessons.

The instructors accelerator is also handy when teaching clutch operation or to assist is maneuvering the vehicle out of dangerous situations. Many instructors believe the accelerator pedal is a necessity for this reason

Fitting is universal for most vehicles, this modification usually takes no longer than a day.

Instructors Brake & clutch Pedal

Our Cable operated Driving Instructors Clutch & Brake Dual Control is a simple yet robust solution for assistance in teaching clutch your students how to drive a manual vehicle


We believe it is a necessity for all instructors teaching with a manual vehicle.

Being able to physically guide a student on how to engage the clutch smoothly and fluently reduces fatigue on the clutch plate and potential damage to other drive-line components in your vehicle.

Fitting is universal for most vehicles, this modification usually takes no longer than a day.

Instructors Brake clutch & accel Pedal

For the Driving Instructor that wants full control over the pedals in a manual vehicle.


Give your students the best opportunity to learn how to drive a manual vehicle by giving practical demonstrations of the balance required between the three pedals when performing hill starts or in other tricky situations where precise pedal control is required.

Fitting is universal for most vehicles, this modification usually takes a full day to install.

Driving instructor best friend

electronic throttle over-ride

Have you ever been in a situation when a student did not respond to your instruction?

You found yourself in a tug-of-war trying to over come their throttle input with your dual brake whilst steadily approaching a dangerous situation?

If you have, you will know that its not a great experience which has the potential to end badly.

Que the Driving Instructors Best Friend; this innovative and unique product designed and manufactured by Les's Engineering will make this hair raising experience a thing of the past.

As soon as you apply pressure to your instructors brake pedal a pressure sensitive micro-switch automatically cuts the students accelerator input back to idle.

Meaning you will never be in a situation where you have to try and over come the engines power using the dual brake.


  • Dedicated Electronic Control Module Developed by Les's Engineering

  • The system can be switched on and off at any time using the master switch

  • Adjustable sensitivity brake switch which automatically cancels acceleration whenever you put your foot on the instructors brake

  • Dash mounted disarm switch with LED status light, to manually cut the throttle

If you would like to know more about the Driving Instructors Best Friend click play on the video above.

Wide view mirrors

wide angle Side view mirrors

Give your students the best chance to learn about spacial awareness and how important it is to check your blindspot. Our wide view auxiliary

mirrors allow for a much larger viewing area inspiring more confidence when reversing or lane changing.

With easy and universal fitting, this cost effective improvement makes all the difference for student drivers.

Panoramic rear view mirror

Panoramic anti-glare rear view mirrors, increasing the field of vision at a ratio of up to 2.5.

Improves your field of view massively and works well even from the passengers seat

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