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sydney's leading dual control expert

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Now offering 5 years warranty
Against manufacturing defects






Brake - locked.png
Brake Accel - Locked.png
Brake clutch - Locked.png
Brake clutch accel- Locked.png

Les's Engineering is the one stop shop for all your Dual Control needs. Whether you're looking to set up a new Learner Training Vehicle with Instructors Brake, Clutch and Accelerator Pedals or you're just looking for some accessories to kit out your Training Car, we have the lot.


Our Dual Controls offer a premium finish and feel. Our smooth running cable setup aims to achieve a 1:1 ratio in terms of pedal travel and effort.

We guarantee our fit and finished product will not only look the best but perform superior to other systems on the market

Be compliant with the current standards

All of our Dual Controls are fully compliant with the recently updated Australian Standard for Adapted Driving Controls  - AS3954:2019

The RMS has also requested that all Dual controls fitted with accelerator pedals have an individual locking mechanism for the Accelerator pedal.

This is for testing purposes as the RMS representatives only use the brake pedal during an On-Road License Test

Both the Brake Pedal and Accelerator pedal can be locked independently of each other with ease and in a matter of seconds without tools

Fulfills all RMS


Accelerator Lockout



Don't get turned

back by the RMS...

Brake-Accel - locked.png
Brake & Accelerator Locked in Stowed position for Passengers
Brake  Accel-lock.png
Brake Unlocked, Accelerator Locked  ready for RMS License Test
Brake-Accel - Unlocked - small.png
Brake & Accelerator unlocked and ready for Driving Instruction
Les cabinet - Resized.jpg
Loads of stock made on premises
Les Dual Control - Brake Only - Lockout.JPG
Universal and tidy fitment for most vehicles
86 interior.jpg
We can modify vehicles others cant
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